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May 15 2012


This IS rocket science by @
michaelem at @metalabvienna — Photo sensor add on for the #ccc #r0cket -- @MacLamon
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April 27 2012

April 18 2012

April 16 2012

April 08 2012

r0ket as Universal Charger

Here’s another nice use case for the µc³ r0ket:

Since it features a build in 3.7V LiPo cell and a fitting charging controller the r0ket basically can be used to charge LiPo or LiIon single cell batteries found in phones, media players, cameras or even toy helicopters.

After I realized that I had forgot to charge my camera and didn’t bring a charger to the easterhegg either I was happy that I already had set up one of my r0kets for charging external batteries.

First you have to unplug the build in LiPo battery and attach the VCC (right) and Ground (middle) pins to the appropriate pins of the cell you want to charge. If the battery you are about to charge has a temperature sensor connect it to the leftmost pin on your r0ket. Otherwise connect the left and middle pins with a 10k resistor.

With the voltage l0dable you will even be able to monitor the charging progress.

WARNING: This setup is only meant for single cell LiIon or LiPo batteries. Bad things will start to happen, if you try to chare multiple cells in series. Also keep in mind that lithium cells can burn or even explode if not handled properly, so always be careful and don’t blame me if you fuck up your carpet.

charging a camera battery

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April 07 2012

April 06 2012

newly invented Matenne for r0ket tracking @eh2012
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April 05 2012

April 02 2012

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January 08 2012

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r0ket led cube m0dul
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